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Access to food is a basic human right. For those who are denied this right, foodKIND will be there! We provide wholesome and nutritional food to those who need it the most.

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More than just a meal! 

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Our aim at foodKIND is to fill some of these gaps by providing as many meals as possible to those in need.


Providing food and compassion to refugees and displaced people in crisis
Time is just as valuable as money...can you spare some to help those in need?.
We believe that by providing food on a personal and humane level, we are not only filling empty stomachs but we are also bringing hope and dignity to situations where there may be none

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Most of these 60 million do not have permanent homes and are forced to live in refugee camps, temporary squats or simply out in the open. Within these environments, people rarely have the option of providing for themselves due to a lack of money, facilities and/or resources. Therefore, they rely heavily on other parties to fulfill their basic human needs.

In most situations, basic shelter, heat, sanitation and drinking water is provided, however, there is often a significant lack of consistent and sufficient food supply. Where food is available, it is usually of poor nutritional value and as a result, many children in these environments are under developed. 




Our compassionate approach means that we are not just about food distribution. Through our interactions with people, we intend to lift their spirits, make them smile and help them to feel like normal human beings again.

Together, we can make a difference

​There are around 60 million refugees and displaced people in the world today due to war, persecution & natural disasters - that's 1 in every 113 people in the world without a safe and stable home. 

Our goal is to raise money to ensure the consistent and sufficient supply of food to as many refugees as possible. With more people joining us to reach this goal, the more people we can provide meals for.

So, will you become and foodKINDer and be part of something great?

As we have no major overheads and all of our volunteers are self-funded, over 90% of your donation will go directly to the front line.