Luath Glendinning

                                                   Chief Executive and Co-Founder

Luath is from the east coast of Scotland and now lives in France.  Luath gained a Master's in Business Studies from the University of Edinburgh and has since held a number of senior positions in both national and international non-profit organizations.  As a lifetime volunteer member of the Scouting Movement, Luath is passionate about volunteering, helping others and promoting peace and understanding.  In her free time, Luath likes to take long walks in the countryside with her french bulldog Frankie.

​                                                    Deirdre MacLeod


Deirdre is a Canadian who has been living in Switzerland since 2012.  Deirdre has over 10 years of experience in the charitable sector, serving on numerous boards and committees.  She studied Developing Effective Non-Profit Organisations at Ryerson University and has a certification in Humanitarian Response in Conflict and Disaster from Harvard Ex, as well as a certification in Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees from Amnesty International.  Deirdre enjoys travelling, sailing and spending time with her family.

                                                 Marissa Wych


​Marissa is from New York, and currently lives in Zurich. She holds a BA from Boston College in Math and Economics. Before moving to Switzerland, she spent 10 years working in the banking sector, most recently as a commercial finance underwriter. Thanks to a chance meeting with foodKIND's Co-Founder Deirdre MacLeod, Marissa was introduced to the organization and immediately wanted to get involved. She enjoys making spreadsheet, baking and traveling.

​                                                    Katrin Gygax

                                                   Non-Executive Board Member


Katrin is a Swiss-Canadian translator, editor and travel writer.  She has been travelling since she was four years old, when er family emigrated from Switzerland to California.  Now based in Zurich she is the author of "Today's Office Looks Like This" , a guide to unconventional offices in Switzerland.  She is also the principal of the translation agency gygatext, the English specialist.  

Katrin works at foodKIND in an advisory capacity, helping to wade through Swiss bureacratic red tape and doing the odd translation.

​                                                         Felipe Marqueis

                                                         Non-Executive Board Member

​​Felipe is passionate about youth engagement and leadership development.  He grew up in Brazil where he studied Hotel Management, and later moved to Switzerland, where he works for the World Scout Centre.  Felipe believes that with cross-cultural understanding and developing solidarity and compassion in the youth of today, we can create a world of peace tomorrow.  Felipe enjoys mountain sports and other outdoor activities.


                                                           Tom Marsden

                                                           Non-Executive Board Member

Tom is a proud Mancunian living in Geneva.  Officially he works with philanthropists, sharing the amazing and humbling work of young people in Scouting (yes the dib-dib-dib kind) with anybody who believes young people can create a better world.  Unofficially, he's a chatty man who makes friends for a living.  He is motivated by humanity. 

Katy While

Head of Marketing and Communications

Originally from Birmingham UK, Katy has lived in Switzerland for four years and is located close to Lausanne. Katy has joined the Marketing and Communications team to help share foodKIND's straightforward message of providing food to refugees to a wider audience.

                                                     Urska Cerv

                                                     Key Volunteer, Fundraising

​​Uska originally comes from Slovenia.  She previously worked as a PR and Fundraising Manager for a charitable organisation working on the border of Slovenia.  Here she collected stories of the refugees struggling on the Balkan route.  The organisation was one of the first to respond to the refugee crisis and faced with a negative response from the public, decided to launch an advocacy campaign telling their stories.  In this work, Urska heard many sad stories but also dreams of bright futures.  It was at this point that she decided that she would do what she could to help their dreams become a reality.

Urska is a passionate fundraiser.  She combines her PR, marketing and fundraising experience to produce the best fundraising actions.  She joined foodKIND in summer 2017.

​                                                    Lizzie Wilson

                                                    Key Volunteer, Digital Communications


Lizzie lives in Geneva where she works remotely for the UK Public Sector.  After getting a degree in History and French from Durham University, Lizzie started working with asylum seekers, granting refugees leave to remain in the UK and presenting appeal cases in Immigration Tribunals.  She also worked with many victims of trafficking.

She has built a knowledge of effective communications both online and in print across numerous subjects areas in internally facing roles.  Lizzie has a certificate in Global Diplomacy: Diplomacy in the Modern World from University of London, SOAS, and a certificate in Humanitarian Communication: Address Key Challenges from the University of Geneva.  

The foodKIND leadership and staff

Supported by the many incredible volunteers on the ground, the foodKIND Board and key volunteers work to ensure the vision can become a reality.